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Prosinec 2018

konference: Polemics, Rivalry, and Networking in Greco-Roman Antiquity

Prosinec 12 - Prosinec 14

LECTIO INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Polemics, Rivalry, and Networking in Greco-Roman Antiquity Leuven, December 12-14, 2018 CALL FOR PAPERS Disagreement and scholarly dispute are essential to any intellectual development. This holds true for ancient cultures no less than for us today. Greek philosophy has been agonistic from long before the formal constituion of philosophical ´schools´ in the Hellenistic age. In the classical period, Athens famously served as an intellectual battlefield between Socrates and the sophists, in which a full armoury of eristic…

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Březen 2019

konference: Hellenic Political Philosophy and Contemporary Europe


Dear colleagues,   CENTER FOR HELLENIC STUDIES, from Podgorica (Montenegro) is happy to announce the international conference on the topic "Hellenic Political Philosophy and Contemporary Europe", to be held in Herceg Novi (Montenegro), from 29 September to 04 October 2019.   The Conference is of an interdisciplinary character, and aims at addressing different social and political issues from perspectives of history, philosophy, economics, theology, history of ideas, anthropology, political theory and other disciplines. Such conception of the scholarly exchange does…

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