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CALL FOR PAPERS (SIEPM): „A Question of Life and Death. Living and Dying in Medieval Philosophy“


XXIII annual Colloquium of the SIEPM
University of Leuven
10-12 October 2018
Living and dying are essential concepts in Aristotelian natural philosophy and psychology. It is then no surprise that, when the libri naturales were translated into Latin from the twelfth century onwards, this gave birth to an extensive interpretative tradition in the Latin West, in which life and death as conceived by Aristotle were theorized and reflected upon, for example in the numerous commentaries on the De anima but also on the Parva Naturalia. Yet, medieval inquiry into living and dying is not limited to natural philosophy nor to the Aristotelian tradition, but can also be found in ethics, metaphysics, theology, and medicine, and in other domains.
The primary purpose of this conference is then to study the way in which medieval Latin authors interpreted, elaborated, and questioned the Aristotelian theories of living and dying in the realm of natural philosophy. At the same time, it intends to put this Latin interpretative tradition in a broader context. Thus, we invite scholars to study the reception of the Aristotelian views in other linguistic traditions (Byzantine, Arabic, Hebrew, vernacular). Likewise, we welcome proposals that study medieval theories on living and dying outside the Aristotelian framework, both in natural philosophy and other domains. This also includes proposals that intend to compare Aristotelian and non-Aristotelian concepts of living and dying, or that study the way in which natural philosophical views on life and death are related to or used in other (e.g. metaphysical, ethical, theological, or medical) theories.
The conference will be hosted by the De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Philosophy of the University of Leuven (Belgium). We invite submissions for paper proposals, which should contain a (provisional) title, an abstract of 300-400 words, and information concerning your name, current position, academic affiliation, and contact details ( The organizers expect to select between 15 and 20 proposals; in making a selection, attention will be paid not only to the quality of the proposal but also to the coherence of the program and to the ratio between both senior and junior scholars. Successful applicants will be offered


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